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International Schools in Jeddah

There are many international schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The oldest one, the American International School, was founded in 1977. It has a rich curriculum and is popular with local families and expatriates alike. Besides the curriculum, it also offers extracurricular activities and clubs, a beautiful library, and a variety of sports and music. To find out more, parents can check out the school’s website.

Al Waha School: Originally known as Jeddah Montessori School, the Al Waha is an international institution located in the port city. The school started in a manor, where 20 young people were enrolled. The classes were small, but the school had the potential to become a model for international education. Today, the Al-Waha grew in quality and number, and its community of students comes from many different nationalities.

Jeddah Knowledge International School: Located in a two-room villa, the Jeddah Knowledge International School is a top-ranked school in the region. Founded in 1967, the Jeddah Knowledge International has grown over the years. Unlike many other schools in the city, it is relatively new, but provides a high-quality mathematics education and one of the largest school buildings in the city. Founded by American educators, the Jeddah Knowledge is known for its inclusive curriculum and scholarly excellence.

International Schools in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Jeddah King’s School is another good choice. The school is innovative, focusing on universal training while ensuring that the students retain their culture. All students will earn an American diploma, an IB Diploma Certificate, and a British equivalent. It is also the main private school in Jeddah, and its enrollment has steadily grown since 1996. Its educational plan is centered around Internationalism, and students are well-respected in the kingdom.

DISJ is one of the oldest and most respected international schools in Jeddah. The school was founded in 2000 in a two-room villa. It has a diverse student body and is a top-ranked international school in Jeddah. The curriculum is geared toward international students and ex-pats. The Jeddah King’s School is considered to be one of the most innovative schools in the city.

Al-Kon International School was founded in 1967 in a two-room villa and now boasts an excellent reputation with its students attending Ivy League and Russell Group universities. Other notable international schools in Jeddah include the Continental School, Al-Wurood, and the King’s College International school. The American and Belgian Embassies also have a presence in the city.

The British International School in Jeddah was established in 1992 in a two-room manor. The school initially had just 20 students. Its curriculum was adapted from the iGCSE education system, which was adopted in the United Kingdom. However, the school has developed from its initial spirit of solidarity to quality to offer its students the best education. It has a strong focus on Islamic values and project-based class work.

Al-Kon International School is a top international school in Jeddah. It is a school devoted to academic excellence and a well-rounded environment. Located in Thahliya and Rehab Dist., the Al-Wurood is a good option for both expatriate and local families. The Al-Wurood Knowledge International School is a great choice for families with children. The program is designed to provide a quality education while ensuring a smooth transition into expat life.

If you’re looking for a good international school in Jeddah, there are many options to choose from. The Global International School, for example, has an excellent academic record and is one of the most prestigious schools in Jeddah. The Jeddah Knowledge International School is a well-rounded school that has expanded its educational departments to meet the needs of students in the Middle East. Whether your child needs preschool education or a high school education, Jeddah has an international educational program to suit every need.

Aside from the American International School, there are other international schools in Jeddah. The International Indian School, for example, is an American-accredited school in Saudi Arabia. It accepts children of all nationalities and offers them an extensive curriculum based on CBSE. The Jeddah Knowledge International Academy, on the other hand, follows the IB and the American education systems. If your child is interested in learning the language of their choice, consider the AISJ school.

Jeddah International School

The Jeddah International School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is an American-accredited school. It is accredited by the Middle States Association, a Middle East-based accreditation organization. The school offers a variety of programs ranging from pre-school to high school. There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a school, including the quality of teaching and facilities. This guide will help you decide whether Jeddah International School is the right choice for your child.

The school was founded in 1952 and has a long history of helping children in the Kingdom. The first class was made up of 40 students from the children of TWA employees, and since there was no formal American curriculum school in Jeddah, the Parents Cooperative School was formed. The program focuses on preparing students for the challenges of a college education, and the parents co-operative school was built in 1968 and 1975.

The American School in Jeddah provides a quality education to the francophone and Anglo communities of Jeddah. The school has an auditorium with a capacity of 650, which is perfect for performances. The auditorium includes a pit for an orchestra and a performance stage. A band or choir can practice in an underground practice room. The American School in the Kingdom also offers modern athletic facilities. Its two gymnasiums and full-length soccer field are ideal for practicing. Its tennis courts and shaded swimming pool are also excellent for playing.

The American School in Jeddah is a comprehensive educational institution that emphasizes academic excellence, innovative practice, global citizenship, and community service. The school aims to foster a spirit of internationalism in its students and to help them develop their knowledge, skills, and ethics. The school’s curriculum is diverse and comprehensive. It is one of the top schools in Jeddah. The curriculum is well-rounded and students can participate in extracurricular activities.

The City School International in Jeddah is another great choice. It is an English-medium school that offers excellent academic achievement for its students. Afaq is considered the best English-medium international school in Jeddah. Its location is attractive for both expats and local children. Several other top international schools in Jeddah are renowned for cultivating high academic attainment.

Schools in Jeddah

The American School in Jeddah has two large libraries with private meeting rooms. A large library with multiple rooms is available for a group project. The American School in Jeddah also has a theatre with an audience of 650 people. The school has modern athletic facilities and a full-length soccer field. The students can choose from different sports, including MUNs. They will be able to participate in international activities such as football and basketball.

Located in Jeddah, the American School is a private community day school with a distinctly American curriculum. More than 1,000 students attend this school in Jeddah, which is located five minutes from the Red Sea. The program runs in semesters. The program is also open to non-Americans. However, the American International School does not accept students from other countries. In addition to the US, the school in Jeddah has a campus in Saudi Arabia.

Education in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

The American School in Jeddah is a private, American-accredited school in Jeddah. This is the only American-accredited school in Saudi Arabia. It offers English and Arabic to its students, and it is recognized by the Middle States Association and the Middle East Development Program. The school is accredited by AdvancED and has over a thousand students. The international curriculum is highly regarded in the region.

The American School in Jeddah has a variety of facilities to meet the needs of its students. The school has a library that contains a variety of resources and provides private instruction. The school also offers an auditorium that seats 650 people. The stage features an orchestra pit and an underground practice room. The school is home to a wide variety of clubs and activities. Many clubs are offered in English and Arabic.

The Jeddah Knowledge International School is an IB Continuum School. This means it offers students three IB Programmes – the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Program. It is also the only IB Continuum school in the Kingdom. It offers both English and Arabic instruction. The curriculum is varied. This school has high academic and ethical standards and adheres to Islamic teachings.

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