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The Dubai English Speaking School is the first comprehensive international English language school in the UAE. The establishment offers a dynamic learning environment, based on the motto of ‘Excel, Share and Create’. It also supports students in developing their own passions and talents, enabling them to thrive in an ever-changing world. Moreover, DESS is known for its flexible timetable, which allows students to attend classes whenever suits them.

The Dubai English Speaking College was established in 1963 and is an award-winning, not-for-profit school in Dubai. It has the distinction of being the first international English-language school in the city. The college has been operating for 50 years and has recently doubled in size. The school’s facilities include two swimming pools, four netball courts, and four pitches. The college also has a sixth form centre. Despite its success, there are some criticisms.

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The school’s reputation is deserved, as it is one of the most reputable in the region. The Dubai English Speaking College was first accredited in 1961 and is now the oldest school in the UAE to offer an English national curriculum. Located in Academic City, DESC has been educating children for over 50 years and offers proffesional physics and maths tutors. The college is open to all international students and parents alike. Its academic reputation is an additional factor for prospective students.

In 2011, Andrew Gibbs was appointed as the new headteacher of the Dubai English Speaking College, which had doubled in size. The college offers primary education in English and Mathematics and is rated Outstanding by the school’s regulator. It is the first English National Curriculum school in the city. The college is a sister school of DESC, and it is located in Academic City. The college also provides a sixth form centre. The college’s location is ideal for both students and parents.

The school’s reputation is solid. It is a leading educational institution in Dubai. Founded in 1963, DESC has been a highly regarded institution in the United Arab Emirates. Its students have a wide range of talents, from soccer players to aspiring entrepreneurs. The college’s positive reputation is a testament to its commitment to quality education. DESSC is the only English National Curriculum school in the UAE.

The school is an award-winning English language school. The board of trustees has rated it Outstanding. The Dubai English Speaking College has nine buildings and four sports pitches. The college has a sixth form center. In addition to the academics, the DESSC is also recognized for its outstanding pedagogical services. Its awards and academic achievements have made DESC a renowned educational institution in the Middle East. The college has an impressive track record in math education.

Dubai English Speaking College

The Dubai English Speaking College is a not-for-profit institution which offers primary and secondary education in English. The school was founded as a non-profit institution with a single building in 1961. Its campus has nine buildings and has grown significantly since its founding. It has a swimming pool and 4 netball courts. It has been rated Outstanding by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau. In 2011, the school doubled in size and added a sixth form centre.

The DESC is a not-for-profit institution that provides primary and secondary education. It is the first English-speaking school in the UAE to offer a curriculum based on the UK. The school was granted land by the Sheikh, who also granted the school with an exceptional rating. The DESC is located in Academic City and has been educating children for over 50 years. And it’s the only English-speaking school in the region with an extensive sporting facilities.

Founded in 1963, the Dubai English Speaking School is a not-for-profit institution in the UAE and is the first English-speaking school in the city. It is a prestigious institution and was rated Outstanding by the Dubai Schools Inspection Bureau in 2011. The DESSC is now split into nine buildings, with a sixth-form centre and four pitches. The DESSC also has an excellent reputation in the UAE and has won several awards.

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The Dubai English Speaking College, also known as DESC, is a non-profit co-educational school in Academic City that follows the English National Curriculum. BTEC is the acronym for the British Technical Education Council. The college provides a diverse range of courses for students of all ages. The main objective of the school is to prepare its students to succeed in a globally competitive environment. The school prides itself on its inclusive learning community and its commitment to excellence.

The academic program at Dubai English Speaking College is structured around the English National Curriculum. Depending on the student’s interest, a curriculum can be tailored to suit their needs. DESS offers a variety of joint activities and sports days, as well as a variety of extracurricular activities. The school also encourages students to pursue their own interests through sports, dance, music, and drama. The school has also been named the best school for sports in the UAE by SchoolsCompared.

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The DESS has been rated Outstanding by KHDA for its last four inspections. The school has over 1,600 enrolled students and a well-qualified teaching staff. Princess Haya Bint Al Hussien and the Duchess of Cornwall have opened the college’s campus. The school is equipped with a range of educational technology and equipment, including 26 computers and iPads, as well as 12,500 books.

The Dubai English Speaking College follows the English National Curriculum and is the only UK curriculum school in Dubai. It was founded as a through-school arrangement for DESC and has students from several other schools in the city. At the end of Year 12, students study GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) and AS Level (Applied Science). In addition, students can take up BTEC courses such as Enterprise, Sports, and Creative Media Production. It also boasts a sixth form center to offer a wide range of extracurricular opportunities to its students.

The Dubai English Speaking College offers the same curriculum as DESC. As a result, it provides a high-quality education to students from a diverse range of backgrounds. The school’s curriculum is highly relevant to the modern world, and the focus is on preparing students for future careers. The English National Curriculum is the basis of the curriculum at DESC. The DESSC is split into nine buildings, each with four classrooms and a sports hall.

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The Dubai English Speaking College offers a wide range of extracurricular activities to students. The school offers a wide range of activities, including sports, music, and drama. It has received awards for being the top sports school in the UAE. A recent SchoolsCompared survey found that DESC achieved a 99.8% pass rate on A-Level exams. Moreover, the college has been accredited by the English National Council (ENC).

DESC has a great reputation for its academic excellence. It has been accredited by the United Kingdom’s Education Ministry. This school is the only British-run school in Dubai. Its teachers are experienced and well-qualified. Its curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum. The DESC has an excellent academic record, with students making excellent progress in every subject. It has been ranked as the top school in the UAE in the SchoolsCompared Awards.

The Dubai English Speaking College is a non-profit, award-winning school in Dubai. It has an outstanding rating from the schools regulator of the UAE. It offers primary education and is the oldest English-speaking school in the UAE. The Academic City campus has four sports pitches and two swimming pools. It also has a sixth-form centre. The school welcomes students from all over the world and is located in the Academic City.


The Dubai English Speaking College is located in Academic City. It is a part of the Academic City. Despite its name, the school is part of the academic community. Its location makes it convenient for parents to commute to work. The main campus is located near the University of Dubai and the Hamied Bin Mohammed Smart University. This makes it easy for families to reach the school. It is also home to several other educational institutions. You can visit the academic site and participate in a survey.

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