24°39′N to 46°46′E is the GPS position of the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula called Saudi Arabia, which is more popularly known for its oil reserves, wealth, camels, and mosques.

The early Westerners, who arrived in Saudi Arabia, were used to be ridiculed by countrymen for their astonishing Islamic tales. Even for today, the beauteous sites of Saudi Arabia like Souq KSA are termed as the founding stones of spiritual empiricism.

Famous Saudi Mosques

1.) Al Masjid Al Haram:

Masjid Al Haram in Mecca also known as the Grand Mosque is the world’s largest mosque, which is around Kaaba (A cuboid structure, built by Abraham and son Ishmael). The structure Kaaba is the direction (Qibla) for devoting Muslim prayers. Islamic archives reveal that angels before the creation of humankind built this mosque. With the passage of time a lot of modernization and architectural changes have took place in this place.

2.) Al Masjid al Nabawi:

Al Masjid al Nabawi, Madina has a lot of religious and spiritual significance and it is more popular as the second holiest mosque in the world. It is believed that the Prophet himself has built this place, which was later on developed by his predecessors.

3.) Dumat al Jundal:

An enliven Saudi culture can be witnessed at Dumat al Jundal which in Islamic archives is more popularly known as Adamatu. Dumat al Jundal means “Dumah of the Stone” in which Dumah was the twelfth son of Ishmael.

4.) Jamarat Bridge:

The Jamrat Bridge structure is indeed an architectural triumph and no Saudi Arabia guidebook can afford to miss this name. Tourists from all over the world come use this bridge at Mina, Saudi Arabia for proceeding towards the stoning the evil ceremony in Mecca. More than 15 cantilever-lifting machines (70 ft. each) were used to build this structure.

5.) Jannat al-Baqi:

Jannat al-Baqi (Tree Garden of Heaven), Medina is a very sacred burial place where Prophet Mohammad used to live. As per the local sources, Prophet and his relatives (friends, mother, wife, and grandfather) are sleeping in the burials. This is necessary see site where more than seven thousand companions of Mohammad and the sacred Orchard of the Boxthorn Trees can be seen.

6.) The Jawatha Mosque:

The Jawatha Mosque, Al Khilabiyah is approximately 12 kilometers North East of Hofuf. Bani Abdul Qaisin tribe established it in the seventh century. Historical facts conclude that the Jawatha Mosque was once the youngest mosque in entire Eastern Arabia

7.) Quba Mosque:

Quba Mosque, Medina is regarded as the oldest mosque in the world, which is also a very holiest Mosque for Muslims. Tourists and pilgrims from the world flock over to this place for peace and tranquility. This place is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia

8.) Shuwaymus, Rock Carving Site:

If you are an Archeologist or historian then Shuwaymus, Rock Carving Site at Jubbah in Saudi Arabia will interest you the most. Numerous depictions of the Neolithic period have survived the wrath of time in this place. This place tells you about the culture and animal domestication of Neolithic tradition.


9.) Medain Saleh:

Deep down in South of Petra the beautiful structure of Medain Saleh is standing tall amidst of all the timely ravages. There was a time when Medain Saleh was the epicenter of all the trade operations in Saudi Arabia. This is the reason that this ruined citadel at Petra is having an historical significance.

10.) Al-Ula:

Al-Ula located between the Al Madinah and Tabuk was a major trading centre at Saudi Arabia. 2000 years ago, Al-Ula was the national capital of ancient Dedanites. Renowned Philosopher Ptolemy is also said to have known this place at Tabuk. A contemporary town Al-Malqatah is also located near this place.

In an aggregate, it can be said that sites in **Saudi Arabia** are enriched with culture, history, and spirituality. The spectacular beaches, resorts, mountains, and structure are still amazement for the modern civilization.

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