By Saudi Institute Staff

There are two faces of the Saudi government: one for internal consumption, and one for international propaganda.  These two faces are interconnected and became clear to most people, especially after September 11, 2001, that these double standards are not valid anymore.

Saudi government propaganda, financed by hundreds of millions of petrodollars, seeks to reconcile with the west and show that the Saudis are moderate.  However, the media for internal consumption shows an ugly face of intolerance, hatred, violence and death.

This information is as old as the Al Saudi history of control over Saudi Arabia, its people and resources.  Petrodollars are flying all over the globe promoting Wahhabi Islam, an extremist sect that views many people as Mulhid (atheists), Moshrek (polytheists), or Kafir (infidels), and promotes their destruction.

Unfortunately, this propaganda has passed the borders and has reached all countries with an embassy to the Saudi government.  It began with mosques preaching the Wahhabi faith, books reinforcing the same ideas, and millions of petrodollars to finance such activities.

Internally, government Imams [clerics] have continued, as part of  their prayers, to ask for the destruction of the west as a whole.  These prayers include Jews, Christians, the United States, and the Shia.  Concepts that are consistent in the Saudi Government’s published books (religious, school, college and fatwas), in their mosque speeches, brochures, and video tapes which are all funded by petrodollars.

Saudi government fatwa higher council member and cleric Saleh Al Fawzan has published many books; many are related to “taw heed”, or Monotheism.  In his two books, Aqeedat Altawheed “Monotheism belief”, 264 pages and Ahammiat Altawheed “The Importance of Monotheism” in 38 pages, Alfawzan insults the Christians and the Jews.  In summary, Al Fawzan stated in his books:

1-     Jews and Christians are polytheist and infidels.

2-     Waging Jihad (fight) against Jews and Christians until they become Muslims is a must.

3-      It is OK to kill Jews and Christians, confiscate their belongings, and enslave them men and women.

4-     Anyone who does not believe in the above, will be considered kafir (infidel), and will be treated as Jews and Christians.

It is stated in Al Fawzan books, that all Jews and Christians are polytheists and infidels, and their money, other belongings should be taken by Muslims, and will be enslaved too.  In addition, Al Fawzan continues saying that “we should require the Jews and Christians to become Muslims, otherwise they will be killed.”  These ideas are just a few of many from his books, and his book Altawheed “Monotheism” was republished lately and paid in full by Prince Sultan, the Minister of Defense, and 30,000 prints were made and distributed to ministry of defense military personnel.

Alfawzan was not alone in his ideas and extremism, many are either followers or with similar ideology.  Such ideology is encouraged by the government, especially after the U.S. war against Iraq.

Dr. and Imam (cleric) Ayed Al Qarni, is a royal advisor with Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahd, and a graduate from Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University.  He made a poem embracing the Iraqis killing of U.S. troops.  His poem was published on the net, and recorded with his own voice, played on MBC radio and television many times during the war with Iraq.  MBC is financed by the Saudi government and air from Dubai.

The poem was published in the Almustaqbal Alislamy (Islamic Future) magazine by extremist group called World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), based in Riyadh and financed by Saudi government.  WAMY has many branches around the world, including Washington D.C., and has been advocating violence and distributing hate messages in the United States.

In the interview with the magazine, Al Qarni has stated that he prays for the destruction of the US several times a day during his daily prayers. He also said the US is the source of all misery in the world.  The interview is also published on WAMY site on the net.  This is the same issue of the magazine that US Ambassador to Riyadh Robert Jordan granted an interview.  It is the same issue that says People of Scriptures “Jews and Christians” are kafir (infidels), and treated as such.  As such means the above 4 points apply to them.

Another government cleric is Dr. Naser Al Omar, a former staff member of Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University.  In his interview (April 08, 2003) with Al Majd Satellite TV channel broadcasting from Dubai and financed by Saudi government, he called for suicide attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq.  He stated ” We should ask for more (martyrdom bombing) to kill more of enemies of God from Jews and Christians.”

In a new speech (April 15, 2003) was distributed on the radical site “Islam Today”( he says that the war against the US is just warming up and it will end with the defeat of the U.S.  He continues saying that the U.S. will not live in peace, neither inside the U.S., nor outside the U.S. and only idiots would believe that the U.S. is a democratic country seeking democracy in other countries.

Dr. a and Imam (cleric) Sulaiman Al Hosain, a related to Al Hosain who is accused of supporting terrorist organization in the U.S., again, in his Friday speech (March 28, 2003) he called for waging jihad against Americans so they won’t stay in any Islamic or Arab country.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Abdullatif, a staff member of Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University has published an article on Islam Today’s website saying that the U.S. is an oppressor and infidel country.  He continues saying that it is a duty of all Muslims to fight the U.S. and prays for God to defeat and destroy the infidels.

The above are just few of many government paid clerics, radical who had reached the media, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, government agencies, universities etc.  During the last few weeks and still going on today, the local newspapers are filled with anti-American sentiments and calling to wage jihad against U.S. troops.

Al Hayat newspaper, which is owned by Khalid Bin Sultan (son of Sultan, defense minister), is published in London and many cities by satellite.  The newspaper recently published an article, one of many, promoting the cause of those “mujahedeen” who were killed in Iraq by U.S. troops.  Names and pictures of some of those young men were published and their cause was embraced and called as martyrs.

Other newspapers are also taking the similar stand, largely due to influences by the Saudi Government. Here’s a good example: The fatwa of Qonoot during prayer was granted by government and published in all local newspapers.  The Qonoot is practiced by raising the hands during prayer, and the fatwa says that Qonoot should be practiced asking God to relief our Muslim and Arab brothers in Iraq.

What happened is different from above in all Qonoot practices.  Clerics were praying for the destruction and death of America and Americans.  In addition, calls for jihad suicide bombing against Jews and Christians.

The internet websites that promote hatred, discrimination and violence are functioning without restriction, while moderate sites that promote understanding and tolerance are blocked from Saudi Arabia. These radical sites (Wahabi sites) are based and managed by the Saudis.

Other radical terrorist sites, such as Al Qaida, Taliban, Ansar Al Islam, and others are promoted all over the net.  When requests for restriction on such sites, no actions were taken,.

Books that insult Shia are published by government agencies and distributed every where in the country.  In addition, religious books that are been taught in universities insult Shia and using demeaning and derogatory words when describing them, and calling them “Rafida” which means “rejectionists of religion”. It is equal to the word “Nigger “ when referring to African Americans.

Decrees that come out from government religious agencies insult Shia and promote hatred, violence and discrimination against them.  These decrees are made available via prints and audio cassettes and promoted on the internet sites.  Some of these decrees ask not to have Shia teachers in schools, on the basis of being “Shia” non Muslims.  These decrees are not new, they were years ago, and still new decrees come out every now and then.

Discrimination against Shia minorities in Saudi Arabia is daily practice from top government to the lowest levels.  Few years ago, thousands of brochures were distributed all over King Saud University campus insulting Shia, and saying that their “Shia” danger on Islam is greater than Jews and Christians.

Witnesses of Shia minorities are not accepted, and there are rejected as non-Muslims.  These are not allegation, but documents are available where judges refused cases because the witnesses are of Shia minority.

A teacher was fired from his job in Al Ahsa, for the reason of practicing religious ceremonies of Ashura in his house.  The decision is signed by the president of The General Auditing Bureau of Al Ahsa, Ahmed Al Dulaijan.  The teacher is accused of dishonoring his job because of practicing bida’a (innovation) in Islam by having Ashura ceremony in his house.

A doctor was fired from his job in Saudi Aramco after 19 years of service, just because he had attended a medical conference during his sick leave.  After 19 years of hard work and devotion, he was fired without any type of compromise or consultation.

Three students were expelled from school because of their father’s (a King Saud University staff member) objections to what the female teacher was saying about Shia.  The teacher was telling the students that Shia are not Muslims and the father sued the school and the teacher.  Instead of firing the teacher, the students were expelled from the school, and the father was banned from teaching in the university without any written communication, just verbal decision from University president.

I can continue on with more examples,  it is not a personal case we are taking about here, but a case of a large sect of the population in Saudi Arabia that is discriminated against in every aspect of life.  Wahabies are intolerant of everyone else, whether they are Jew    s, Christians, Shia Muslims, Liberals, or conservative.  They believe that their sect is the only “correct” religion in this world and that others need to be converted, by force if necessary, to bring them to the “right path” of Wahabi Islam.